Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is there something wrong with a little nagging?


I know that I nag my husband a little bit. He says I nag him about everything. I don't mean to be mean. But I always hear guys say they can't stand the "nagging" from their wives or girlfriends. Do you guys really have such thin skin?

Hello Carrottop79,

Cute name by the way :)

Okay, there is a really good analogy I can use for your circumstance which will help you see the picture clearer:

There are two ways you can break a rock: 1) You slam it to the ground and watch it crumble into pieces. Or you 2)chip and chip, and chip, and chip away until there's nothing left. They both get the same result.

Nagging doesn't get result. My advice to you is that you need to approach him with respect. He won't take charge unless you reward him for listening to you. It worked on little kids right?

Things to note here ladies: when men are backed into a corner, they fight back ruthlessly or retreat silently. I'm fairly sure you prefered neither.

Why Do Guys Act Like Jerks When They Know They Are Wrong?

- Marianne

A while back, my husband and I had a big fight about whose family we were going to spend Christmas with. He ended up calling my mother a controlling witch and we end up not talking for days. So instead of just apologizing to me, he wrote me an e-mail saying he was really sorry, but then went on explaining what he really meant. It was nice he apologized, but it was pretty cowardly that he did it over e-mail, don't you think? I think he should have the guts to apologize to my face.


I agree with you that your husband has fault in this situation. He shouldn't call his mother-in-law a controlling witch. And I do agree also that discussing the problem face to face is a much better approach to the solution.

Before you jump into calling your husband a coward, let's talk about the good things that had happened here.

One, he apologized. Let it be on record that men have a hard time admitting that they are wrong. Some men are just so stubborn.

Two, he took the time to write out exactly how he felt. If you were mad, maybe he felt like he couldn't say what he wanted to say without feeling like his opinions will be ignored. The email isn't necessarily was just a way to dismiss a conflict and end the discussion. Maybe it was just his way of calming both of you down.

Here is some key note to remember as well: Silence doesn't necessarily equal insincerity. It's better for a man to show that he cares through his actions, not his words. Writing the email to you = action = he cares. I think you should go give your husband a really big hug and tell him that you love him.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cha & Cafe

Newly opened Cha & Café in El Monte, CA has much to offer. We were greeted with friendly faces upon arriving and leaving the restaurant. The waitresses there dress as French maids whom I thought were very appealing. The services at Cha & Cafe were superb, our waitress being attentive but not overbearing. The atmosphere is comfortable and classy, yet the café has room for many people and is nicely decorated. Some of the great perks about the café is the free wi-fi, electronic games machines, sport channels and karaoke/ VIP room.

The restaurant carried brand new menu that features a mix of traditional Vietnamese and French cuisine with variety selection of smoothies and special drinks. You can tell they put a lot of thought into the menu.

The Starter: The Fried Egg Rolls

I definitely enjoyed the egg rolls tremendously. The platter was decorated very nicely with lettuce and variety of mints on the side. It was also served with a side of their homemade fish sauce. The eggrolls were hot, delicious and very crunchy. You can definitely tell the ingredients are fresh.

The Soups: Chicken Curry

This is definitely my all time favorite. You can't go wrong when it comes to this dish, especially for the curry and coconut fans. The chicken meats are very juicy and tender. The soup's taste balance very well with the coconut and curry. Neither of the main flavors over-powers each other. French bread is served on the side with the soup.

The Signature Dish: Filet Mignon Cubes w/ Salad, Egg w/ French bread)

This is the café's famous signature dish. The cube steak was very tender and juicy. You can tell they use very high grade steak for this dish. The salad was amazingly fresh and the vingerette was perfect in amount that it doesn't overkill the taste of the steak. They serve it along with two fried eggs and French bread.

Overall, this place is a gem. They have great service and good food. That's all you need to have an awesome time!

10308 Lower Azusa Road
El Monte, CA, 91731
Mon - Sun:
11:00 am - 12:00 am