Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is there something wrong with a little nagging?


I know that I nag my husband a little bit. He says I nag him about everything. I don't mean to be mean. But I always hear guys say they can't stand the "nagging" from their wives or girlfriends. Do you guys really have such thin skin?

Hello Carrottop79,

Cute name by the way :)

Okay, there is a really good analogy I can use for your circumstance which will help you see the picture clearer:

There are two ways you can break a rock: 1) You slam it to the ground and watch it crumble into pieces. Or you 2)chip and chip, and chip, and chip away until there's nothing left. They both get the same result.

Nagging doesn't get result. My advice to you is that you need to approach him with respect. He won't take charge unless you reward him for listening to you. It worked on little kids right?

Things to note here ladies: when men are backed into a corner, they fight back ruthlessly or retreat silently. I'm fairly sure you prefered neither.


  1. I have been cornered by the future mother-in-law, the girlfriend, and her two younger sisters...

    I am a stubborn piece of work, but my EX-psychobitch of a girlfriend was a genius because she drove us, in her car, to her parents house.... yeah, i could have taken a Taxi, but I was a college student eating ramen...

    THEY nagged me once... just because I didnt have my clothes ironed... In my mind, I was thinking, "Are you kidding me? I just woke up @7am to get here @7:30am... you are lucky that I even brushed my teeth and showered." And she didnt warn me or tell me that we were going to have breakfast with her family.....oh, and with her grandma... which made the situation even worse.

    I never wanted to slap so many women in my life... but luckily for them... I was raised better than that. (heart rate is at maximum)

    (Heart rate is decreasing)
    Yeah, leave the nagging to the mother in law... just give him hugs and kisses as positive reinforcement for proper behavior.

    AND give him a warning of what he is getting into that morning after his coffee (if he is a coffee drinker).

    My example is pretty much a "BITCH-OUT"... I could have yelled back... but what for... it would just make the situation worse.

    Want to break a man... take away his TV, playstation, and etc.