Thursday, January 13, 2011

What Does He Really Think About Your Body?

Come on, this happened all the time.

You were getting dressed and made some comment about how disgusted that your pant didn't fit the way it used to be. Then you went into this long rant how you can't believe you gained 20 pounds since you were married, how frustrated you were that you can't lose weight, and started referring yourself as a fat girlfriend/wife.

Ladies, what do you expect the men supposed to say? There was no way he was going to let you know that your weight bothered him. He will respond to the way he suppose to--with an answer that reassured you that superficial judgments had no place in the relationship.

Trust me ladies, men do care.

Don't believe it when a man says he doesn't care about looks...bull! Some men are trying to be nice and don't want to hurt a woman's feeling, but men do put a high value on a sexy body.

Every guy notices a sexy body. They care about your body because better bodies simply get them more excited. Men get more physical pleasure, indirectly and directly, when your body is at its best.

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